The beginning of the road…

It’s hard to pin a beginning of the Boone’s Lick Road, whether you mean the location or the date. After gathering the stories of the Boone’s Lick Road for a number of years this blog will attempt to share some bits of the story and see what can be learned by sharing. We begin with a Story Map.

This project is a work in progress. It is a combination of history and geography. Each by itself only tells part of the story. If you tell the story of an event or a person it is not relative without knowing where it took place, and thus is the value of a Story Map. This way we will share the story of not only a place, but of the history of what occurred there as well. Again, each blog will be tagged with the appropriate era, but with subject reference so that educators, historians and the general public as well can follow the road. If you are a “road nut”, GIS mapper, a photographer, resident of the road, or just want to follow along,  hopefully you will something of interest and might even want to share.

We invite you to visit some friends along the road, the Boone’s Lick Road Association and the German Heritage Corridor.